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rimless reading glasses for a bar,koukou:318563069 2017 Titanium Alloy Quality Multifocal lenses Reading Glasses Men Fashion Half Rim Progressive Glasses , Dragon Age creative director leaves BioWare - Polygon clock menu more-arrow no yes Subscribe Log In or Sign Up Log In Sign Up News Reviews Features Guides Esports Videos Entertainment Podcasts More News Reviews Features Guides Esports The Rift Herald Heroes Never Die The Flying Courier Videos Entertainment Movies TV Comics Podcasts 鉁 News Dragon Age creative director leaves BioWare New, 15 comments Mike Laidlaw leaves developer after more than 14 years by Michael McWhertor@MikeMcWhertor Oct 12, 2017, 6:17pm EDT tweet share pin Dragon Age Inquisition BioWare/Electronic Arts BioWare鈥檚 Mike Laidlaw, the veteran writer, designer and creative director known for his work on Mass Effect and Dragon Age, announced today that he鈥檚 leaving the studio after more than a decade with the company. 鈥淚t鈥檚 with a mix of emotions that I鈥檓 announcing my time with BioWare has ended,鈥 Laidlaw said in a statement posted to Twitter. 鈥淎fter 14 years and a chance to work on Jade Empire, Mass Effect and all things Dragon Age it鈥檚 time for me to move on. 鈥淚n my time at BioWare I have been lucky to work with some of the most talented and hardworking people in the industry. It鈥檚 been an honor to be a part of the Dragon Age team, and I have every confidence that the world we鈥檝e created together is in good hands and I鈥檓 excited for the road ahead.鈥 Laidlaw did not explain the reasons for his departure from the studio. He said he plans to spend time 鈥渞econnecting with all the amazing games and worlds that my peers have created.鈥 pic.twitter.com/gFOiV53W3q鈥 Mike Laidlaw (@Mike_Laidlaw) October 12, 2017 Laidlaw joined BioWare in 2003, according to his LinkedIn profile. His credits include lead story developer and designer for Jade Empire; lead designer and director on the first three Dragon Age games; and creative director for the Dragon Age franchise. Laidlaw鈥檚 departure from BioWare comes more than a year after series lead writer David Gaider announced that he was leaving the studio after a 17-year tenure. Publisher Electronic Arts has not announced a fourth main entry in the Dragon Age franchise. Reports from earlier this year indicated that BioWare was working on a new Dragon Age title. There have been three Dragon Age games to date: 2009鈥檚 Dragon Age: Origins, 2011鈥檚 Dragon Age 2 and 2014鈥檚 Dragon Age: Inquisition. More From Polygon McDonald鈥檚 reissuing Szechuan sauce after Rick and Morty fans left disappointed The SNES Classic has been hacked (update) Justice League trailer finally gives fans the one thing they鈥檝e been waiting to see The future of Destiny 2 may be found in Warframe Batman: The Animated Series being remastered on Blu-ray (update) Rick and Morty fans upset by McDonald鈥檚 Szechuan sauce disaster Trending The Szechuan sauce fiasco proves Rick and Morty fans don鈥檛 understand Rick and Morty The 鈥榮mart鈥 fans are the problem Marvel will release an official timeline for MCU after Spider-Man: Homecoming fiasco We鈥檒l finally get some answers EA responds to Battlefront 2 loot box concerns "Rest assured, we鈥檙e continuing to listen to you coming out of Beta" This Article has a component height of 11. The sidebar size is medium. Loading comments... The Latest Here are Destiny 2鈥檚 PC system requirements by Samit Sarkar 11 comments / new The Polygon Show on Twitter Live: watch the first episode! by Ashley Oh Swery鈥檚 cat RPG The Good Life to move to Kickstarter after missing Fig goal by Allegra Frank 6 comments / new EA responds to Battlefront 2 loot box concerns by Michael McWhertor 33 comments / new ","analytics_placement":"hub"}"> Why doesn鈥檛 Batman just kill the Joker? by Susana Polo 12 comments / new Futurama will stream exclusively on Hulu later this month by Julia Alexander 3 comments / new poly-lt-wire-logo Chorus Terms of Use Privacy Policy Communications Preferences Contact Send Us a Tip Community Guidelines Masthead All Systems Operational Check out our status page for more details. Vox Media Advertise with us Jobs @ Vox Media 漏 2017 Vox Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved tweet share

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