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rimless reading glasses be under 1000,koukou:318563069 2017 Titanium Alloy Quality Multifocal lenses Reading Glasses Men Fashion Half Rim Progressive Glasses , Tucker Carlson: NBC News President Should Resign or Be Fired Immediately - Breitbart Big GovernmentBig JournalismBig HollywoodNational SecurityTechVideoSportsThe WiresBreitbart LondonBreitbart JerusalemBreitbart TexasBreitbart CaliforniaPeopleSTORE HomeSubscribe advertisement SIGN UP FOR THE BREITBART EMAIL NEWSLETTER SIGN ME UP Tucker Carlson: NBC News President Should Resign or Be Fired Immediately by Jeff Poor12 Oct 20170 12 Oct, 2017 12 Oct, 2017 Thursday on Fox News Channel鈥檚 鈥淭ucker Carlson Tonight,鈥 host Tucker Carlson ripped NBC News head Noah Oppenheim for the claim his organization 鈥渆ncouraged鈥 Ronan Farrow to report out the sexual harassment allegations aimed at Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.advertisement Carlson explained why NBC News was 鈥渓ying鈥 about two facets of its claim, noting Farrow鈥檚 remarks explaining why he took the story to The New Yorker magazine instead of having had NBC News run it. 鈥淪o let鈥檚 be clear 鈥 NBC is lying,鈥 Carlson said. 鈥淵esterday, news division head Noah Oppenheim claimed NBC, quote 鈥榚ncouraged Farrow to report that story.鈥 The opposite is true. They pressured him to drop it. Oppenheim says, quote 鈥楴BC gave him resources to report the story over many, many months.鈥 Maybe except for a camera crew when Farrow tried to interview an alleged rape victim. Oppenheim says, quote 鈥楩arrow鈥檚 story was not the story we were looking at when we made our judgment.鈥 Yet another lie. As Farrow told Rachel Maddow two night ago, he finished the bulk of his reporting on Weinstein when he went to The New Yorker. That is why the magazine accepted his piece in the first place.鈥 After playing highlights from Farrow鈥檚 appearance on MSNBC鈥檚 鈥淭he Rachel Maddow Show鈥 earlier this week, Carlson went on to point out Oppenheim had not been upfront about any possible business relationship he had with Weinstein, which may have impacted his editorial decisionmaking regarding the story. 鈥淲e鈥檇 bet money that her employer didn鈥檛 want Rachel Maddow to do that segment, but she did it anyway. Good for her. So, why did a purported news organization killer a blockbuster news story? Well, presumably we will find out at some point. This is a scandal, and the truth has a way of emerging from those in the end. One possible explanation is Noah Oppenheim. In addition to being the head of NBC News, Oppenheim is a Hollywood screenwriter with deep ties to the movie business and the Democratic Party establishment. Could it be that Oppenheim had a business relationship with Harvey Weinstein or Weinstein鈥檚 Company? It is not a far-fetched possibility as all. And yet, as of earlier today, Oppenheim and NBC when asked directly refused to say. Noah Oppenheim ought to resign immediately, and if he doesn鈥檛, he ought to be fired immediately by NBC鈥檚 parent company, Comcast. News executives are not allowed to tell lies. They are not allowed to participate in cover-ups. They ought to answer straightforward questions straightforwardly when they don鈥檛, you know they are corrupt. And that is exactly what NBC News is.鈥 Follow Jeff Poor on Twitter @jeff_poor Read More Stories About: Breitbart TV, Harvey Weinstein, nbc news, noah oppenheim, Ronan Farrow, The New Yorker, Tucker Carlson P.S. DO YOU WANT MORE ARTICLESLIKE THIS ONE DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX?SIGN UP FOR THE DAILY BREITBART NEWSLETTER. YES, SIGN ME UP! Comment count on this article reflects comments made on Breitbart.com and Facebook. Visit Breitbart's Facebook Page. SIGN UP TO GET BREITBART NEWS DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX SIGN ME UP BREITBART CONNECT MOST POPULAR The Great Unraveling: Amazon Studio Chief Accused of Sexual Misconduct0 comments - 8 hours agoRose McGowan Torches Jeff Bezos on Twitter: 鈥楽top Funding Rapists, Alleged Pedos, and Sexual Harassers鈥0 comments - 9 hours agoShock: H.R. 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